A Brief Interview

A brief interview with the editors has been posted Six Questions for… It’s a neat little site that interviews the editors of various publications for the benefit of writers looking to submit their work. Thank you, Jim Harrington, for taking the time to run such a nice site!

Along those lines, we’re still open to submissions for Issue 3.

I’ve been considering opening up Issue 4 to different types of artwork. I enjoy magazines like The NewerYork because of their artwork just as much as I enjoy the writing. The larger question really is- how large of a magazine do we want? Issue 3 is starting to look like it’s going to run closer to 70 pages. At the moment, we haven’t placed restrictions on the magazine to the point where we will only take 3 pieces of long fiction, 5 poems, and 2 pieces of nonfiction. I suppose we could, but then we would lose our response time. As a new magazine, I feel like a fast response time provides more incentive for a writer to submit. More to think about!

Our analytics for the site have been holding fairly strong at 40-50 viewers per day. For an e-zine that’s less than a year old I feel like that’s not too shabby. It’s nice to be able to promise that more than a few hundred people will read our magazine. So far we’ve had nearly 1500 views to Issue 2 in the last 30 days. We can only hope that that number will grow with each issue.

Enough of my ramblings! Have a lovely day!

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