Archiving Issues and Upcoming Ventures

We have had a few questions regarding Issue 1. Don’t panic! We will be reposting Issue 1. I’m currently in the process of reformatting the issue into a pdf file for easy viewing. Hopefully, that project will be complete before March 1st. Why will it take me so long? We’re really busy reading through submissions, editing current accepted pieces, and prepping for our upcoming trip to AWP.

Eh? Did someone say, “What’s AWP?” It’s only the most amazing annual writers conference in the country! AWP stands for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs. The conference rotates around the country and this year it will be held in Boston from March 6-19. Meredith and I will both be in attendance. If you live in the Boston area and have the time (and money… it’s a bit pricey) it’s definitely worth attending. The conference contains three solid days of lectures from experts on everything from how to combine dance and poetry, teaching creative writing to college students, contemporary poetry, how to run literary magazines (guess where I’ll be?), surreal fiction, erotica…..yes, I think they have everything. It’s three writer-friendly filled days about anything and everything you could dream about involving writing. One of my favorite authors from childhood, Jane Yolen, will be there speaking about YA literature. Alice Hoffman, most recently with the sure to be award winning The Dovekeepers will be there. Can you feel my excitement?

The beginning of March will be an exciting time for us. We’re hoping to walk away from AWP with a bag of ideas for advancing Apeiron. We’re hoping to see a few of you at the conference. We’re also looking forward to sharing as much as we can from this conference with everyone that could not attend.

All the best!



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