Big Changes on the Horizon

We have quite a few major changes on the horizon. Some will take place sooner rather than later, and so I thought I’d cover a bit of ground right now.

Meredith and I are diligently reading hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful short stories, essays, and poems. We even pulled in a nice net full of photography for our upcoming issue. We’re thrilled with what we’ve read so far. On that note, we have decided to bump back our publishing date. We normally would release this issue in August, but due to the incredibly large volume of submissions, we’re going to go ahead and push that back to September.

Oh, no! Is Apeiron going to become “one-of-those” magazines that can’t keep deadlines? We don’t anticipate this as a recurring problem. We’ve been growing faster than we ever could have imagined, and we’ve decided that it’s time to grow with our readers. Issue 7 will be our final issue of our three issues per year sequence. We’re going to drop down to two issues a year, and in the very near future (before we reopen to submissions) we will begin our search for slush readers/loyal literati to give us a hand with stepping up Apeiron’s functionality.

Our website is about to go through a MASSIVE (deserving of capitalization AND this exclamation point!) overhaul in order to make our site much more fun to visit. Details on that to follow, but if you visit the site over the next week or two and encounter problems, it’s probably just me (Lisa) moving things around. Don’t panic. We aren’t running away just yet.

We’ve been practicing our print layouts with every issue and I think we’ll be giving that an official go, if not with issue 8, then definitely with issue 9. The plan has always been to sort Apeiron out into a business that can afford to pay its authors. The time is almost upon us! Huzzah!

That’s enough of our secrets for now, but we’ll keep you posted as we make decisions on the future of Apeiron. If you ever have any questions, we’re always around to answer them.

Happy reading!

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