Editorial Recap

In case you missed the editorial in Issue 4, here’s a bit more about Apeiron:

We’ve officially cleared the dreaded one year mark and we’re not only going strong, but gaining strength. We’re certainly still new kids to the world of publishing, but we love what we do and love creating a place for writers to showcase their work.
Apeiron is a Greek term with a lot of vagueness surrounding it. The concept was created by the pre-Socratic philosopher Anaximander. The gist, as we understand it, is that the apeiron is the beginning of beginnings. It is the chaos from which everything in the universe has been created. In some books it’s defined as the unlimited, infinite and indefinite. We aren’t philosophers, but when we write we try to reach that place of beginnings. The primordial pool of emotion builds inside us into a rawness that has the potentional to spiral into life and into our writing. Or at least, that’s the plan. There’s some talk of endings and destruction, but let’s pretend otherwise. For us, we see the apeiron as the beginning of an idea that builds into art. Somewhere a philosopher is reading this and shaking their head. It’s ok. This is art.

Logo / Iron by Christopher Butler

Logo / Iron by Christopher Butler

What’s with the iron? Somewhere around Issue 2 it was pointed out to us that Apeiron is Ape-Iron. You know what that means. There’s an ape waiting to be drawn in a future issue. Since the apeiron is such a vague indefinite blob, we might as well use an ape and an iron. Again, philosophers, this is art.

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