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Interested in Reading for Apeiron?

The deadline to apply has passed. If you applied, we’re giving the pool until August 15 to return their applications before we pick our team. Thanks, everyone, for your interest!

Hello! We’re in need of slush readers. What’s a slush reader? A pile of submissions is known as ‘slush’ (vocabulary for the day!) and, well, you know what a reader is.

We’re hoping to gather together a solid group of three to four people to help us stay on top of our submissions. At the moment, Meredith and I run the whole shebang and it’s just getting to be too much for two people. Interested? There are a few requirements.

Slush readers must be familiar with our magazine. Apeiron Review is interested in emotionally driven poetry, prose, and creative nonfiction. That means that a brilliant literary story isn’t necessarily the best fit for us if we weren’t moved to tears, hysterical laughing, broodiness, or [insert emotion]. Yup, it’s subjective, but that’s why the editors have final say on what stays and what doesn’t.

This is an unpaid position, but I can’t speak highly enough about the experience that this brings to writers. The behind-the-scenes look into the slush world can really help your writing. Honest.

We’re looking for people who can dedicate around 5 hours a week to reading. Our reading periods have been changed to September 1 through October 15 and from February 1st through March 15th. Depending on the flow of submissions, you might end up reading through the end of October/March.

Depending on how things progress, there may eventually be opportunities to grow towards additional/other responsibilities within the magazine if you’re interested.

Still interested? Email Lisa a list of your top three favorite writers and why, and any relevant experience within the industry. That includes things like college level fiction/poetry classes, writing groups, etc. to

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