Issue 6 Editorial, Spring 2014

There’s a long-standing debate on the worthiness of submitting to a medium that cannot pay you. I see both sides of this debate as a writer and as an editor. For me, I choose to stick with the belief that we all have to start somewhere. To date, Apeiron has no financial backers other than Meredith and me — a college professor and a copywriter who happens to do a splash of web design. I say this, not in a bid for money (we aren’t taking donations or selling anything just yet — I know, I know, put those wallets away for now), but because I want to remind our readers that we are the type of people — just like you — that make up the literary world. It’s a world that we live in because we love it, and we want to be here; not because it’s necessarily financially profitable.

However, Apeiron has reached a point where it must start to sustain itself, and that means also sustaining (or helping to sustain) our artists, first. We ask that everyone bear with us as we stretch our business legs a bit further. There will be many changes over the coming year, but I firmly believe that these changes will all bring positive results. Print and electronic issues, minimal advertising, and other such things, will all culminate in our ability to pay our artists. We can’t give money if we aren’t making money. Happily, we know that we’re producing a quality literary magazine.

On that note, Issue 6 has unfolded into another beautiful magazine. Thomas Gillaspy’s “Vertigo” graces the cover, and its vividness is meant to entice you visually before you immerse yourself into the minds of our writers. There’s grace between these pages. From Sarah Kilch Gaffney’s carpe diem reminder, to the teeth of Robyn Ryle’s “Natural Enemy,” this issue truly embodies our desire to produce a literary magazine that will scratch the surface of the toughest heart, cause much gnashing of the teeth, or at the very least inspire you to pull out your own notebook. We want visceral work in every issue, and each of these pieces showcases an ability to make us feel something deeply, be it loathing, lust, compassion, etc.

So, on this lovely spring day (or whenever you should stumble across these humble pages) we hope that you, too, will feel that certain something that causes goose bumps to rise.

Happy reading,


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