Issue Five Editorial, Winter 2014

This issue has been a labor of the deepest love for us. Personal lives, careers, and living situations have all made advances, shifts, and turns, and through it all we have been grounded with the focus of Apeiron and our contributors. Last issue we let you in on the idea behind the name Apeiron, and no, it really has nothing to do with an affinity toward large primates or well-pressed laundry. It, as we said, has been described as the unlimited, infinite, and indefinite. Now, add to that our desire for the rawness, ugliness, and unlikely beauty that comes from the need to record and express life in its varying forms and ranges of emotion, and you have our fifth issue.
The work we have received and complied here will leave you feeling the gentle enormity of nature that, in its simplicity, can shake the Earth and with it our beliefs. Confusion, disgust, and sympathy will mix a strange cocktail as you read of the sudden and deliberate actions taken in moments of love, retribution, mental illness, or apathetic curiosity. But no matter the genre or theme, the work presented here, once again, represents our desire to put forth new and established writers’ work that touches on that something we can’t fully describe. That beginning of beginnings that shapes it all, that matters only as we make it matter, and yet brings that most powerful human faculty to the forefront—empathy. But more than that, when it comes down to it, we are bringing you good stuff we like. And sometimes that sharing of the good stuff is the point.
So we hope you will enjoy our fifth issue as much as we do and that you will also think it’s good stuff worth sharing. We will continue to keep you updated as Apeiron grows and matures, and we wish you happy reading!

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