Issue Three Excitement

Submissions have closed for the third issue and our excitement is palpable; sometimes we bite chunks off to spit at our friends.  And as rude as that is, we will not stop praising our authors and begging for more. We will not stop digging for ways to keep improving, and we will not stop publishing amazing works and telling people to read, read, READ!

Now, I mentioned how wonderful our published authors are, but what you may or may not realize it that we also have a lot of incredible unpublished authors in our “rejected” box. (I know, rejected box sounds harsh, but, really, who has time for clever synonyms with so many submissions to read?) If you or someone you know did not get published that doesn’t mean you didn’t send us something we brag about. What gets me really excited about what we do is knowing that the rejection box is actually a box full of potential. I have read some of my favorite lines, plot turns, and unique viewpoints in some of the work that didn’t make it, and I’m glad. Why? Because that means there are more developing writers out there who are just revisions away from the kind of work that transports you, sticks with you, and inspires you.

I know I have many of you to thank for the motivation to keep up with my own writing. It’s energizing after I have one of those days full of classes that start too early, discussions that don’t go well, students who don’t listen, and text books that don’t seem to be working, to open up the submissions and read some really really good shit. It reminds me that I need to pick up my sharpie fine tip, turn on my laptop, or uncover the typewriter (I have very specific writing moods) and get into it no matter what, because this is who I am, this is the community I want to belong to, and no amount of “real life” stress should get in the way. I hope you feel the same way too.

So, thank you to both the Apeiron accepted and the Apeiron not-quite-accept-yet-but-please-keep-writing. Your submissions and efforts are appreciated and we hope to read you soon.

Issue three will be out shortly, and it’s gonna be good.


(aka, Emjae)

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