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Why do Book Festivals Matter?

Once a year at the beginning of October, literary chaos in the form of vendors, publishing houses, entrepreneurial writers and slam poets make their way to Collingswood, NJ for a day of writing, reading and book selling. The last two years, rain has plagued the festival but has never fully managed to stop the excitement….


5 Resources to Stay in the Philly Literary Know

Are you like me? Do you ever get super upset when you miss an event in Philadelphia? Do you say things like, “I was right around the corner when that was going on!” or “I could have gone. I wasn’t doing anything??!!” If you are like me, then this article is for you. As an…


Comic Writer Scott McCloud on Visual Communication and Storytelling

The first interaction that Rutgers University- Camden had with comic writer Scott McCloud was his kind refusal, in front of the audience, to use the presentation projector closest to the window because “it wasn’t bright enough.” That being said, Scott McCloud is the most down to Earth guys you could ever meet. He made jokes…


Closing the Gap: Camden Comic Con, 2015

 In a setting where men buying comics in spandex suits and capes can be found every few feet, one would rarely think serious conversations about literature could take place. However, that was one of the wonderful, defining aspects of the 2015 Camden Comic Con. The Rutgers Camden Athletic Center housed everything from the comic vendors,…

Pink Pen and Tea

The Business of Words: A Workshop on Publishing

Professor Tamara Oakman, Apiary Magazine, is lecturing on how to get your work published in magazines and literary journals. Visit The Head & the Hand Press for more information.   Prof. Tamara Oakman, executive editor and co-founder of Apiary Magazine, teaches English, drama, creative and expository writing, and the humanities (film, philosophy) at several universities. She has awards for…

Retrospect Designs

Interested in Reading for Apeiron?

The deadline to apply has passed. If you applied, we’re giving the pool until August 15 to return their applications before we pick our team. Thanks, everyone, for your interest! Hello! We’re in need of slush readers. What’s a slush reader? A pile of submissions is known as ‘slush’ (vocabulary for the day!) and, well,…

Bucks County Community College

34th Annual Bucks County Poet Laureate Contest

I’m unsure on the exact details of this contest. I don’t know if you have to be a long-time resident of the county, etc., but here’s the info: 10 original poems; no more, no fewer. Any style, form, or length. $500.00 Honorarium Deadline: September Entry forms available at all local libraries and bookstores, or contact…


Imprint: Independent Publishing and Small Presses

Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM Location: Leeway Foundation  1315 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA, 19107 Click here to register Leeway Foundation presents Imprint, a skill share and panel discussion featuring Lillian Dunn (ACG ’12)of Apiary Magazine, Lovella Calica (ACG ’13, LTA ‘9, ACG ’07, ’06) of Warrior Writers, Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela (ACG ’12, LTA ’05) of Thread…


Best in Philly Team Poetry Slam

Date: Sunday, July 13th, 2014 Pigeon vs PYPM vs Babel (Temple U) vs The Fuze We’ve been to multiple pigeon events and they’re always fun and inspiring. The talent at these events is amazing. We definitely recommend advance tickets for this show, or at least arrive early. These shows are always a full house. Follow…

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