Local Events

We’re happy to promote literary-esque events in the greater Philly area. We feel like NYC gets all the buzz, so unless you’ve got a book release and happen to be from NYC, we probably won’t post anything about it. Sorry, New Yorkers, but we’re all about Philly here.

So, Philly, here’s the deal! We’d love to pop you on our page and social media the heck out of your event. We’re open to anything in the Philly area. Poetry readings, festivals, fundraisers, book signings, etc. Also, if you’re one of our authors (you’ve had your work published by us), we’d love to tell the world about your upcoming novel, chapbook, or novella. We’re here for you.

Just shoot an email over to Lisa at lisaandrews[at]apeironreview.com.

She just needs to know:

  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • Any details about the event
  • And any sort of snazzy photo or drawing that you’d like us to use.

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