Rachael Fowler

Lost King by Rachael Fowler

Lost King

Mint leaf —clutched
by black-bruised fingers. Most
crumble and crack from woodsy
earth surrounding town
after town. Mint does
not shatter into scratchy paper
pieces, but folds around my
skin, clings to my
fingerprints. Fuzzy, not a common
green leaf quality. I’m Winter-lonesome,
scouring for the maple queen
of whiskey. Farewell dear
king of non-paper greens. May I
find some other
roughage to replace your
meant perfection.

Rachael Fowler is currently a creative writing student at the University of South Alabama. She’s had multiple pieces of fiction and creative nonfiction published in Oracle Fine Arts Review. In addition, she serves as an editor at Negative Capability Press.

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