Retrospect Designs

Retrospect Designs is run by Melanie McIntire of Waynesboro, PA. She provides photography only for use on the Apeiron website, not for our issues. Any piece watermarked with Retrospect Designs is (obviously) from Melanie. Other artwork is either from our artists or from

Many of Retrospect Designs’ pieces are for sale online at Retrospect Designs.

To view artwork that is for sale, click on “Fine Art” followed by “View Album.”

Retrospect- a survey or review of a past course of events or period of time
Design- the way something has been made

Retrospect DesignsI am Melanie McIntire and I started Retrospect Designs in 2006 shortly after I married the love of my life and high school sweetheart, Jonathan. He has recently become my second photographer for weddings and his talent and natural skill has impressed me.

My love for photography started around the age of 8 when I begged for my first camera for Christmas. I remember enthusiastically snapping random photos and thinking my first roll of film was going to return spectacular results. I was a bit disappointed with what came back and I took a silent vow to always strive to improve and better my skills. In high school I discovered that nothing would come close to the magic of watching your print appear in developer solution. Although the darkroom is captivating, I progressed with the digital age and bought my first digital camera in my second year of college. Teaching myself Adobe Photoshop was another hurdle, but when it finally clicked I felt like nothing could stop me. Running my own business is sometimes daunting but I have met so many awesome people and have had a ton of fun. I can’t think of a more rewarding career path for myself. With every shutter click I still work to improve myself and my skills.

Other interests of mine include painting, hemp jewelry making, listening to music, and drinking good beer while hanging out with friends. I love exploring art in many forms and my paintings often include found objects such as beer caps or fall leaves.

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