RK Riley

Scarecrow Part 2 by R.K.Riley

Scarecrow part 2



The winter wind
calls      shrieks      whispers
my name
      through her

Beneath still eyes 

               …baby…baby…get mama down…

the dead corn
                    rough brown blood against my naked feet.
My gaze locked
               there     nowhere
as her straw hand
at my hair

               …please…please…baby…get me down…

Can’t.     Won’t.     Shouldn’t.

Lost down the throat
of the raging wind,
the hard dark dirt,


her bones
crumbling under
The gray soot
with the wind
             into white oblivion.

from lips that bleed but know

Rise on toes
broken  ground.

Kiss her
          dead cheek
                    cradle her wasted
                            nothings           everything's

RK Riley quietly writes herself real from a small Midwestern suburb. Her debut poetry collection, “because…writings from a tainted life,” was released last year.




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