Selfie of March as Infatuation by Lori Lamothe

Selfie of March as Infatuation

Change, as always, arrives late to the party.
The pines in the yard stand ringed around stasis,
the tips of their branches dripping dirty rain
onto snow’s faded carpet. Even the sky
stands off in a corner ignoring the small talk
of crows, its gray coat draped over its shoulders.
Everything not really breathing, waiting for unseen
to step onto the stage of our discontent
and belt out a tune we’ve never heard before—
for transformation to appear in a rush of melting,
a Niagara of Crayola radiator colors.
How long until the ice of caution breaks,
leaving everything exactly as it
emotions out of place & the whole world shifting
toward the fevered end of spectrum?



Lori Lamothe first poetry book, TRACE ELEMENTS, is forthcoming in December from Kelsay Books. She’s also published a few chapbooks, including OUIJA IN SUBURBIA (Dancing Girl Press, forthcoming 2014). Recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Blue Lyra Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, Painted Bride Quarterly and other magazines.

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